Our fully integrated billing system saves time and money, while reducing potential errors compared to interfacing with third party accounting systems.

CareSmart can help Your Pharmacy and Your Facilities begin Working Smarter Today!

Affordable digital solutions for better patient outcomes

  • GPS Pharmacy System
    Software the strategically positions your pharmacy for operation success while managing business generated by your Retail, Combo, and LTC dispensing formats.
  • FormSmart
    Your digital solution to capture patient and facility data eliminating paperwork.
  • MedTablet eMar and MedTablet ADL
    Residential Care Software Providing Secured Patient Records in Real Time.
  • Phoenix
    Retail / Combo Pharmacy System

Digital patient &
facility forms

FormSmart takes forms that Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers, Hospitals or other health care entities and digitizes them and stores them on the cloud. 


eMAR / Resident Care Application

MedTablet is a new approach that wirelessly communicates both on WiFi & Cellular networks patient healthcare information.


Complete LTC &

The GPS Pharmacy Management System is a complete LTC & ComboMed Pharmacy Software solution to increase profitability and service levels.

Making a difference in the healthcare industry

Although many healthcare facilities are transitioning to electronic health records (EHR), manual, paper-based processes are still burdening staff and putting patients at risk.

Keeping track of multiple patients and their medical histories can make it all too easy to make errors or take shortcuts, especially when dispensing medication.

For example, a single patient might have 50 active prescriptions out of 200 on file, and need to take certain medications five times a day, and others only twice. Now imagine a hospital with 500 patients and a two hour window to dispense medication, and it’s not hard to see how mistakes occur.

CareSmart, a solutions provider for healthcare including pharmacies, hospitals, and assisted living facilities, wanted to help its customers increase accuracy, reduce liability, and improve patient safety. So the company decided to run its electronic medication administration software in the cloud on Azure, and connect the solution to health records and tablets.

With real-time, continuous access to current medical history, drug administration schedules, signed prescriptions, x-rays, and more, facilities can take better care of patients, reduce liability, and meet stringent healthcare regulations.