Real-time Prescription Ordering, On-Demand Reports and Medical Records for Facilities

iAMOS Rx is a mobile facility-to-pharmacy app designed to maximize immediate access to the resident’s real-time pharmacy information for the nurse or care-giver.

iAMOS Rx runs on workstations, laptops, and Apple iPad.

A benefit is reducing the need to fax or telephone the pharmacy for medication orders or inquiries about the delivery status. Simply access orders to determine the status with a few taps or clicks.

iAMOS Rx is the perfect companion permitting the nurse immediate access to the Resident profile and medication ordering at the bedside, med cart or anywhere in the facility.

Another advantage of using iAMOS Rx is your ability to compete against the larger organization pharmacies especially with on-demand in-depth reporting.

Features and services which are supported include:

  • View resident active drug profile with percentage of utilization for each order based upon the last fill date
  • Request new orders including transmitting new medication orders directly to the pharmacy
  • Request refill of orders from a displayed list of active orders
  • Review filling status of new and refill orders from the pharmacy
  • Discontinue orders
  • Add, change and delete patients records, including name and room number, pay type, responsible party information, diagnoses and allergies
  • Access drug clinical information including side effects, indications and contraindications, drug interactions and suggested clinical monitoring
  • Print medical records if desired
  • Print On-Demand clinical and billing reports
  • iAMOS Rx operates over a secure SSL certified web link into your pharmacy server.

iAMOS Rx saves both Time and Effort

  • Using fast electronic transfers
  • Reducing the amount of time spent faxing
  • Providing quick access to information

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