Retail / Combo Pharmacy System

The Phoenix system has been developed for the Community, Specialty and Combo Long Term Care pharmacies using the very latest development tools. The Phoenix system runs under Mac OSX, Linux, AWS, and Windows platforms, allowing your pharmacy to choose the platform that best meets your needs. The system is intuitive and easy to learn without the need for memorizing codes or special functions.


Listed below are some brief features incorporated into the Phoenix system.

  • The Phoenix system has been designed to run in-store, over a WAN, or in a hosted or cloud environment.
  • IT will meet your pharmacy needs today as well as in the future and offers features to allow your pharmacy to grow and expand
  • Easy processing of Claims, including multiple payers, Coupons, and Vouchers
  • Integrated point of sale system that handles HSA/FSA cards and card not present transactions
  • Full DUR processing that is user configurable
  • Patient Monographs, Medication Guides, and Black Box warnings
  •  Inventory control with support for GPO organizations and pricing, and drug pedigree support
  •  Meets HPPA requirements including the requirement for encryption of data at rest
  • Customer Contact and Wellness module
  • Full Compounding support
  • E-Prescribing, REM and MTM programs, Image processing support, and many others

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