GPS - Inventory Control

Pharmacy Inventory Control Made Easy

The GPS inventory control and purchase order system is a real-time perpetual inventory system.  It provides for the generation and submission of electronic purchase orders to a drug wholesaler system and accepts a response back from the wholesaler system.

You can selectively use these inventory functions on some drug items or manage your entire inventory with them.

Purchase order systems serve 3 major purposes:

  1. Manage vendor purchases
  2. Maximize your payment terms
  3. Provide purchase accountability and audit trail


Inventory management systems let you:

  • Utilize “just-in-time” purchase of drugs
  • Maximize inventory turn-over ratio
  • Maximize cash flow


Scanning Your Inventory

You can use a wireless barcode scanner to effortlessly scan your entire inventory on the drug shelf.   Use a pre-printed barcode legend to list drugs, enter the amount in physical inventory, and update the quantity on hand for each item.

Major functions

  • Maintain multiple vendors – Different wholesalers for the same drug item
  • Drug Maintenance – Item-specific purchase information, including cost, ordering parameters, available vendor sources and history for purchasing and dispensing
  • Suggested Order – Vendor-specific purchase order based on item evaluation of quantity on hand against the pre-defined reorder point, including the ability to modify the suggested order, then create the actual order
  • Track Order – Printable report for realtime status of your system orders
  • Update Receive Quantity – Processes acknowledgment for items for a particular order with the capability to identify back-ordered items
  • Returns – Processes items to return to your wholesaler
  • Purchase History – Item-specific details for past purchases
  • Inventory Maintenance – Item-specific report for inventory including Grand Total calculation for inventory value
  • Scan Inventory – Uses barcode scanning to update inventory information

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