GPS - Medical Records

Electronic Medical Record to Meet Needs of Any Facility

GPS works with most printed and electronic medical records forms.  For example, it keeps information for forms such as physicians order forms, flow records for medication administration, treatment, personal and other specialty care.

Features of the medical records system include:

  • Generation of medical records data as a by-product of RX processing
  • Attach non-medication orders to medication orders, useful for related care documentation.
  • Numerous selections of commercially available forms
  • Report writer to design your own forms.
  • Customize forms data layout to each facility.
  • Create data-entry default records to save time and increase accuracy in data input.
  • Maintain facility-specific care protocol records and initiate patient-specific upon order.
  • Unlimited facility-specific reports for topics such as antibiotic, antipsychotic, diet, restraint and pay type.
  • Lab listing for labs due
  • Maintain weight tracking on the Physician’s Order Form

GPS works with both pre-printed forms and forms designed to print on plain paper. Both types are available for color laser printers.

Medical records in GPS are maintained on your system and transmitted to your customers as printouts or as electronic data. In all cases, the centrally stored forms provide the most current and readable records required to provide the best care for your customers’ patients.

GPS supports most records developed by the leading suppliers of electronic and paper forms, with more being added regularly.

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