GPS - Workflow

TrackPoint™ a workflow management system built into the GPS Pharmacy System

keeps you in the know when it comes to finding any prescription at any time.

TrackPoint uses barcode and scanner technology to assist in following the processing flow, beginning with the time the order arrives until you receive acknowledgment of its delivery to your customer.

For each step in the prescription process, TrackPoint tells you:

  • Who created the event
  • What event happened
  • When it happened

It tells you the prescription status during any of these steps:

  • Order arrival
  • Data entry for new prescription and refills
  • Claims submission
  • Product selection
  • RPh verification
  • Packing for delivery
  • Out for delivery
  • Acceptance by facilities

TrackPoint reports show you overall product volumes and individual productivity for each employee. A dashboard lets you see instantly a realtime snapshot of what is happening in your pharmacy.

With TrackPoint your prescription processing becomes more precise.

Because TrackPoint helps prevent dispensing and delivery errors, your pharmacy becomes safer for your customers and more efficient for you, making it more profitable.

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